Handheld Thermal Camera

Noptic ExampleThe STH1000 has been developed through consultation with Police, Fire and Security Companies for specialised uses including Perimeter Security, Surveillance, Heavy Vehicle Inspections, Search and Rescue operations, Detection of Clandestine Labs and Cannabis Grow Houses.

The Unique mounting of the Thermal Camera and 5″ monitor allows the STH1000 to offer unparalleled situational awareness, while the built in DVR allows mean evidence is always kept.Cropped Viewcropped screen

Key Features

  • See in complete darkness
  • Maintain situational awareness
  • Allows you to find people fast
  • Increase your night-time capability
  • Easy to configure and use
  • 12 hour Battery life
  • On board video recording to SD card
  • 5” monitor with water resistant cover
  • Stored and operated from a backpack for portability and use in remote locations
  • Minimal training required

click here to see a few STH1000 range examples