Explosives & Chemical Detection Equipment


Launched at DSEI in 2013, the brand new PaxScout vehicle integrating scanning and detection sensors onto a wireless video surveillance and communications platform. This vehicle sets a new standard for vehicle-borne capability in its market, combining a range of world-class technologies, integrated into a single solution for the very first time.

The PaxScout is equipped with 50-metre standoff laser sniffing,

PaxScout 4×4’s are fully armoured to B6 level and carry up to six operators, each equipped with wireless body-worn video streaming. The vehicles operate in pairs, sharing data and communication capacity, and supporting a wide range of flexible concepts of operation. The vehicles can transmit video and other data to other field operators and command and control centres, over cellular, tactical and sat-com networks.

The PaxScout , developed by nav-comm, has been designed for those operating in remote and hostile environments on peacekeeping or policing engagements. It provides a revolutionary set of world-class capabilities at an affordable price point.

Laser Detection:

The PaxScout provides 50-metre standoff ‘digital sniffing’ against a library of known compounds, including CBRNE and drugs, detecting substances (even trace levels) and transmitting known or unknown ‘digital signatures’ back to command centres for further analysis. It even differentiates instances of the same substance to provide investigative support for the origin of threats.
All of the technology deployed on the PaxScout is completely safe: the laser systems do not produce any harmful emissions.

The first PaxScout vehicles have already been acquired for operational deployment into theatre in 2013, and will be dispatched to some of the world’s most challenging and hostile locations and situations to protect civilians from terror attacks. These vehicles will offer their operators an entirely new level of standoff protection and advanced surveillance capability.

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