Performance & Reliability when it matters!

Searchlights that combine extreme power and beautiful design without any compromises. With precise machining and manufacturing, utilising modern components and high-quality materials and the most up-to-date knowledge available in this field has enabled the creation of highly resistant and durable searchlights for everyday or professional use.

Our searchlights comply with the high requirements of the relevant European standards including mechanical, impact as well as protection requirements (resistance against penetration by foreign objects or liquids).

The LX70 searchlight with an amazing luminous flux of up to 7500 lumens was designed to be used under extreme and harsh environmental conditions. With a maximum beam distance 2250 meters according to US standard ANSI/NEMA FL1 and a runtime over 140 minutes, the LX70 belongs among the most powerful handheld searchlights in the world.

Its low weight and high power output enables the searchlight to be used in extreme conditions. It will satisfy the most demanding needs for many applications by military personnel, police, security agencies, firefighters, mining & tunneling & caving, SAR teams, divers and quality HID lighting product enthusiasts.

Batteries for the LX70 provide sufficient power output even at low temperatures (-20° C), do not suffer from the memory effect and are optimized for everyday charging. If needed, batteries may be quickly replaced with new ones. An assortment of various filters further expands the usability of this searchlight, enabling you to use it in fog, rain or in dusty environments.

A scattering filter enables you to scatter the very sharp beam of light evenly and illuminate the surrounding area. The searchlight is equipped with ergonomic plastic handle with 2 standard screw-threads for mounting on a tripod and also can be equipped with a carrying and mounting strap so you can fasten the searchlight for example to a helicopter board. The perfected design of the precise electroformed reflector and the body of the searchlight eliminates overheating and therefore the searchlight has no restrictions or limitations if used continuously.