Weapon Light

Target-X Target-X2


TARGET – X is designed to support operational requirements in various combat scenario’s.

Manufactured with heavy duty Aerospace Grade-Aluminium with a hard-anodized surface treatment (Mil-Spec HA Type III)

TARGET-X has been carefully developed around the human eye’s capabilities. Tests have established that the strong, pre-focused and centre-weighted light beam of the TARGET-X delivers optimal illumination at any distance to target (up to 1500m) for the soldier to complete his task. An illumination level of 0.25 kux at 1500m distance makes the TARGET-X the most powerful weapon light available in its class.

Can be mounted onto M2HB .50 calibre machine gun, Mk19 grenade launcher, M134, M240, APCs and other armoured vehicles – mounted on lafette or on weapon station.

TARGET-X main advantages

  • Switchable power mode 35W / 50W to extend battery life
  • Light beam optimized for .50 caliber machine gun
  • Central ON / OFF switch, integrated remote control handle with ON / OFF and momentary switch
  • Various power sources
  • Supports full remote control
  • Carrying handle
  • Maintenance without special tools
  • Custom Modifications available
  • Accessory options

  • High performance bulb
  • Glass Filters
  • Reflector
  • Power source
  • Mounting