KC2000 Product Review

After viewing the KC2000 at the Security in Government Conference, a request was made by Security Solutions Magazine to review the product. Check out the video below to see all the details of this review.

Strategic Innovations visits DSEI 2015

Keeping current with the latest innovations and technology from around the world is a key to our  success.

After attending DSEI, we have made great contacts and hope to introduce several new products to our range in the coming months

Security in Government Conference

Our stand at Security in Government was met with incredible response.

The live demonstration of our STH1000 system and also the KC2000 partnered with the Fujinon D60 was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Please contact us for specific information on either of these systems.

Strategic Innovations visits Autoliv

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Strategic Innovations is excited to announce our recent visit to Autoliv Electronics Night Vision’s manufacturing facility in California. While touring the facility we witnessed the complete production process for the NOPTIC camera systems. These thermal imaging cameras are subjected to the same stringent tests that allow them to be sold to OEM car manufacturers around the world.
The Autoliv facility offers state of the art manufacturing which leads to an incredibly low rate of warranty returns. Autoliv achieves this through their extensive Quality Control and testing performed on all their manufactured goods.

Strategic Innovations visits Aeryon Labs

SkyRanger PatchIMG_1037IMG_1011





Strategic Innovations has recently completed a tour of Aeryon’s manufacturing facility in Canada and witness the extensive testing each system undertakes. The quality of each SkyRanger system is phenomenal as a result of the Quality Control and zero tolerance for faulty components in place. We were also able complete the Level One operators course for the SkyRanger UAS.

As the SkyRanger system is very easy to pilot, we were flying the system after only a few hours of in classroom training via a simulator. The weather conditions were extreme during the training program, with sustained winds of 40kmh and peaking at over 50kmh several times during the flights. The SkyRangers’ unique design allows it to offer market leading wind resistance, which offers an envious feature for the Australian market.

Emergency Response Show

Strategic Innovations had one of the most popular stands the the recent ERS in Canberra.IMAG0060

The Aeryon SkyRanger in particular was a big hit with all attendees and was featured on Prime television and in the local newspaper

Our Noptic system was on display and was met with great reviews from Police from all levels of seniority.

Strategic Innovations signs agreement with LEMAX

Strategic Innovations Consulting is happy to announce we have signed a distribution agreement with LEMAX.

LEMAX designs, manufactures and markets professional, portable searchlights and flashlight for the sophisticated users around the world. Ruggedized, lightweight, powerful and best battery run time in its class have made our HID searchlights the product of choice for many applications.  Not only Defence, Security, Search & Rescue but also the commercial market have chosen LEMAX as their partner for military grade performance searchlights.

Strategic Innovations signs agreement with NOPTIC

Strategic Innovations are happy to announce a distribution agreement with NOPTIC.

The NOPTIC is a great addition to our product range and will be officially launched at the Emergency Response Show in Canberra with a table top version on display.

The NOPTIC System can detect criminal activity day or night from the safety of the patrol vehicle.

The vehicle mounted Thermal Imaging Camera is used heavily by State Police in the USA and is a great addition to our product range.